Building Muscle Fast In 7 Minutes A Day

The only trade marked, guaranteed, fastest, gimmick-free, lean muscle building and fat burning method is Jon Benson’s 7 Minute Muscle, Power Density Training System. The short intense workouts of 7 minute Muscle directed at muscle-building and fat-burning, draws reference from over 30 scientific studies, and gives everyone, from beginner to advanced trainee, the exact System of training that builds muscle faster than ever before, decreasing body fat, and increasing overall health, at the same time!

Build Mass Muscle. – You want:

  • More muscle,
  • Less fat, and
  • Better health,

all in less time. Do not let con men and false adverts lead you astray and into buying useless pills and potions.

A lot of people, who are sorry now, have. To a lot of people, building lean muscle mass in a short span of time has been a fantasy, but that is only until now. What you are about to discover is neither pill nor potion. It is not some gimmick or built up hype to steal your hard-earned money either, but a regimen of weight lifting exercises and proper diet.

This website is here to stay for the long haul, so it will not and cannot sell lies. it has to, and will live up to the higher standard of ethics. This is the truth as Jon Benson puts it. Read on, the rest is in Jon Bensons words…. “I stumbled on a way to work out that is so powerful yet so brief I had to share it with the you and the rest of the world. Here’s How I Went From Hours In The Gym, To Just Minutes In the Gym Every Week.

Let me share a true story with you. Several years ago I started to notice that my entire life revolved around my workouts and eating “six meals a day”. Sure, this is my job. But come on. I have a life…and I demanded it back. I soon discovered a connection between the training routines we read about in the magazines and trainers want to put us on…and steroids. Even worse, greedy supplement companies were just sitting back and laughing all the way to the bank as real-world trainees like you and me emptied their wallets on worthless pills and powders.

“Recovery” supplements became the rage. What a scam! I’m going to cut through the nice talk and say it straight: Many of the articles you read in magazines were written by genetic freaks and drug-abusing muscle monsters who couldn’t teach a REAL person to train if their pathetic lives depended on it.

The same goes for most of the trainers I see in gyms today. And the supplement companies depend on this for their lives. The more you train, the more pills they can sell you. After all, you need all the “help” you can get in the gym.

It’s time for some honesty! I started digging around in some of my old muscle books from back in the 50s, 60s and 70s. I begin reading the words of real experts. These were trainers who knew how to get results before all this steroid-induced “hours in the gym” nonsense began. I found out that many of these men and women were getting results in just minutes a day rather than hours.

Most of them didn’t take many supplements either. (I reveal which ones they took and why.) Thus, it is important to carefully choose only the best supplement to gain your muscle mass.

This led me to ask one simple question. This is the question led to over three years of research and testing to create the ultimate time-saving muscle-building System ever created:

“How can I get the most results in the least amount of time?”

Sounds too simple, right? Then how come everyone seems to be doing just the opposite—training LONGER and getting no results? I guess you could say I got a bit carried away. I became totally determined to flip the muscle-building and fat-loss industry upside down faster than a burning pancake.

I spent the next three years of my life researching and perfecting the ultimate System for building muscle in minutes and burning fat faster than you ever dreamed possible…”You have body fat. Anyone who has fat to burn can develop muscle mass. The fat in your body is stored energy, and this all the energy you need to create muscle. Use that unwanted body fat as energy to repair your body and grow lean muscle.

The secret is in the ability of making your body doing two things that appear completely opposite, that is:

  1. Burn fat, and,
  2. Create Muscle, at the same time.,

So now you know it. According to Jon Benson you can burn fat and create muscle in 3 steps.

  • Step One:

Make your body want to create its muscle mass. The best way to achieve this is through short bouts of heavy weight training. The shorter the work outs, the better the results. The body and mind should be stimulated enough to want to grow that muscle,

  • Step Two:

Do away with calories. Can anyone lower their calories, without depriving the muscles, or starving them? Yes, make sure that the fat and protein intake is high. Have a lot of healthy fats, they are the best.

You will find all of this in real good grass fed beef, the lean cuts especially. The free range fed chickens and wild salmon, those omega 3 rich fish, should fit the bill.

Another way of lowering the calories and keeping the protein up is by over eating a lot of slightly cooked or raw vegetables Eat as much of it as you can, especially at night time. This fools the mind into thinking the body needs more food than it actually does.

  • Step Three:

Walk, and keep on walking. Walking burns fat, cleans the body of toxins, rids the system of lactic acid and gets the blood flowing, all at the same time. Walk more than you train with the weights. Make walking your number one fat burner. The “7 Minute Muscle”, tells you how to do it all So, let us go over it again, you can develop mass muscle, and this is how.

  • Step number one, you can burn fat and develop muscle at the same time. Just convert that fat into energy required to build the muscle. Those short heavy work outs burn the fat.

  • Step number two, remember to keep the intake of fats and protein on the high side and remember not to over-train in the gym. The shortest workout possible is the best. Stimulate the mind and body to “develop muscle” and it will.

  • Step number three, walk as much as you can. Walking in the morning before eating helps you burn even more body fat.

These three simple steps, combined with a little bit of dedication and hard work and soon you will have that lean, muscular body you’ve always wanted.

The nutrition and fitness counselor Jon Benson’s newest book, 7 Minute Muscle is a complete system for dropping fat and building muscle. It is guaranteed to work for you.

More Reasons To Burn Body Fat

Let me tell you about the AD-36 adeno virus. Adeno viruses are the same nasty bugs that cause the common cold. We all have these viruses in various forms in our body all the time. The Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana has been doing some really ground-breaking research on AD-36.

AD-36 affects stem cells… more specifically fat cells, both pre-formed and post-formed. This means AD-36 can make MORE fat cells if contracted as an infant and make your fat cells larger if contracted as an adult.

To quote the study: “Earlier researchers have concluded that Ad-36 may be contributors to obesity by super-charging fat cells to grow and store more fat. Until now, though, those researchers thought the viruses targeted pre-fat cells (called pre-adipocytes), causing them to convert in higher numbers to fat cells and causing those fat cells to be larger. Those studies were in mice. Pasaricas work determines the virus targets stem cells in humans.”

The result? “In one test, a third of obese people had the rare and highly contagious virus compared to just 11 percent of thinner people. Weight gain can last three months until the body has built up resistance to the bug.” Wow. Sounds like we have a winner here. A virus that you can catch that literally makes you gain body fat! All we need is…a vaccine! Right?

Wrong. First of all, notice that 11% of LEAN people have AD-36. And at any given time, just like a cold or a flu virus, you could contract AD-36.

If your body has ‘never’ been exposed to it, you may require about 3 months to build up antibodies to ward it off. Now, you can gain a lot of weight in 3 months… but come on. You cannot become obese in three months unless you are really, REALLY working at it.

Plus, like most viruses, you build up immunity to AD-36.

Researchers do not know how long the immunity lasts, but some theorize it could last years… some even decades. And let’s not forget those 11% who are lean and have the virus.

Why did they not all of a sudden get “sick” with body fat? Because they are not EATING or LIVING in a way that allows them to gain body fat no matter what nasty freakin’ viruses may be floating about, that’s why.

That’s right folks: It is always going to come down to the food we put in our body and the way we move.

Here’s another hypothesis presented by Sherry Strong, food philosopher and nutritionist: “This could very well be the result of nature creating a mutation to encourage us to eat more due to the fact our consumption of natural, whole and organic foods is so low.”

Brilliant observation… and one that makes complete sense. Even if a “virus” is responsible for 20% of our weight gain, what about the other 80%? We do not need a vaccine other than good food and a common sense workout plan. Here’s the best – the “vaccine” for body fat Here’s why I love this workout:

Its fast. 7-14 minutes 3-5 days per week. Anyone on earth can do this.

The Basic Upgrade (you will see it) still comes with a copy of my book “The Every Other Day Diet.” Put the two together and you have an absolute winner of a plan that’s practical and enjoyable.

Plus, anyone who owns “Every Other Day Diet” gets my upcoming “Radical Fatless Blueprint” book free. It comes out March 1st.

That’s 3 good reasons to go here and check out 7 Minute Muscle, the “vaccine” for body fat Here’s one more: You know better.

You know that there’s never going to be a magic pill for health, vitality, energy and looking your best. We can keep hoping… or you can take action and get what you want now. To me, that makes more sense than AD-36 “Super-Retro Fat-burning Vaccine” to hit the marketplace in 2021.